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Mr. Jatin achieved his financial freedom in year 2012, and ever since his wealth has been growing big in numbers. Jatin Arora’s career involves experience and knowledge of several trades. With over 18 years in the working now, Jatin has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in business.

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Top 5 Reasons why people fail in Network Marketing

Why many people fail in network marketing?

Why only 1% of the people succeed and rest 99% fail network marketing business?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why 99% people fail in network marketing

1. Lack of leads

For every business you need leads, and Network Marketing is no different. Most people who join network marketing failed because they lack leads.

They show business plan to their friends, relatives and the people known to them and once they said No.

They sit back and say that all the leads are over now, from where I’ll get the leads. 

Solution:- Try to talk to more people, I know it is haunting for some of you but to generate more leads you need to start talking to strangers.

2. Lack of learning

In every business, if you don’t have knowledge and experience, you’ll surely fail in it.

Most people fail because they don’t learn the basics of network marketing business. They just go out and start working directly. And
when someone rejects them, they feel disappointed.

Solution:- In every Network marketing company there is a training program, start going to the training programs and learn how to do the business.Talk to your upline regularly and ask for help whenever needed. 

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3. Lack of consistency

Network Marketing is a business of consistency. Most people who fail are not consistent with their daily activities of generating leads and showing the business plan to people. 

Solution:- Stick to a daily routine of prospecting at least 10 people a day.

4. Lack of building relationship with your prospects

If you want to sell something to somebody you need to first make good relations with that person. Most networkers act desperate for the sale and People see right through this.

Solution:- Start building relationship with your prospects first before pitching your business.

5. Lack of coordination with their team members

Most Networkers once they made an initial sale don’t bother to train the new team member.

Sometimes it happens that some of your friends or relatives bought the products on your recommendations or joined in the business with you, but if you don’t teach them how they can earn, then your income will stop as well.

Solution:- After you make an initial sale, teach your new members what you have learned and also encourage them to go to the company events and training programs. 

Network Marketing business is the same as any other business. Treat it as your own business, work on yourself, get right guidance and training to be successful in it. 


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