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Mr. Jatin achieved his financial freedom in year 2012, and ever since his wealth has been growing big in numbers. Jatin Arora’s career involves experience and knowledge of several trades. With over 18 years in the working now, Jatin has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in business.

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Do I have to add people in my network? | Objection-Network Marketing

“Bande jodne ka kaam toh nahi hein”? This is the part of the Objection Handling series in Network Marketing.

All successful entrepreneurs know the power of Network Marketing business.

But people who are programmed for job or small business since childhood, they don’t know What network marketing is all about?

And the moment you talk about network marketing business then jump out and say is it something that I have to add people into my network?

That is the major challenge, where most of the distributors get tremble which results in the mishandling of this objection and losing a prospect because of incomplete information about network marketing.

Here are few Ways to Handle this Objection Efficiently in Network Marketing Business:-

When your prospect says, “Ye Bande jodne ka kaam hai kya?”

Use one or two following ways to handle this objection to Grow with Network Marketing :

  1. You need to tell the prospect; our religion promoters were the biggest networkers in this world. They added everyone who came into their contact and they spread their wisdom about religion and informed them to do the same further.

So, our religion promoters were the biggest networkers and they spread their wisdom with millions and billions of people worldwide.

And your prospect is hesitating in adding people into his network when you share the network marketing opportunity!

2. Very less people are a member of a new gym when it is newly opened but with the good marketing and references of existing members, it gets crowded.

3. Engine has no value without the other rail compartments and when they are attached, it forms a Train and your prospect says I can’t add people into the network marketing business.

4. Father of nation: Mahatma Gandhi Ji also fought for freedom with the help of other revolutionaries however he started the revolution alone initially.

Country was set free because of adding people in the network and your prospect is saying that he can’t add people into network marketing business!

Once upon a time, a child went to his father’s shop after school. His father was a tailor by profession.

He sat in the shop for some time and observed what his father was doing. After a few minutes as asked his father, Dad, I was noticing you for the last few minutes. When you cut the cloth you keep the scissor under your feet and when you sew cloth with the needle you put it on your hat.

So, why do you keep the scissor under your feet and put needle in your hat?

His father replies, “son, scissor cuts that’s why it’s remains under feet and needle sews that’s why it remains above head”.

What a beautiful thought it is!

Similarly, we add people in network marketing. We’re into adding people in the business.


To sum up, the main objective is to help your prospect to realise what all benefits and advantages they can get by adding people into their Network Marketing business.

So, next time if your prospect asks that “ye bande jodne ka kaam hai? then tell him that if by adding people into your network marketing business you get a better car, better home and you fulfil your dreams and your family’s dreams then better build network in the network marketing business.

Network marketing business is such a great business that every individual who is really looking to get the best out of their life can start it. People who don’t have enough capital and resources can also start their network marketing business and achieve what they dream.

The beauty of network marketing business is that even if you don’t know how to build this business, you can still start this business because people who are already successful they teach you step by step to build your business and it becomes easy to Grow with Network Marketing.

When you educate your prospect with the above examples and help your prospect to understand the potential and possibilities in network marketing. They’ll come and join you.

Wishing you great luck and See You At The Top!

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