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Mr. Jatin achieved his financial freedom in year 2012, and ever since his wealth has been growing big in numbers. Jatin Arora’s career involves experience and knowledge of several trades. With over 18 years in the working now, Jatin has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in business.

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“How much money you have earned?’’ Objection Handling – Network Marketing

“Tumne kitne paise kama liye?” This is the part of Objection Handling series in Network Marketing. Jatin explains how you can overcome this objection.

Everyone starts their network marketing business with zero.
Today, people who are successful network marketers also started from zero at some point in network marketing.

If I talk about myself, when I got into network marketing business I didn’t have big cheques to show so I used to share success stories of other people who are successful in network marketing business.

Am I not successful in this network marketing business today?

Of course, I am.

Let me share a few tips and tricks for you so that you can handle this objection next time you come across it.

Here are a few ways you can use:

This objection can be raised in mainly two situations: –

  1. You are new to the network marketing business.
  2. You have spent some time in the business, but you are not earning enough money yet.

  • First Situation: For a new distributor

When you are a new distributor and while giving a presentation, your prospect asks “How
much you have earned?’’

Then you have to tell your prospect that if I answer your question and if you join the network marketing business and after one or two months you are giving a presentation to your prospect and your prospect ask you the same question what would you say?

Your prospect will say if my prospect asks the same question. I would say, its only two months I started the network marketing business. I’m new in the business yet.

That’s it.

So you tell your prospect I’m just new, I started the business two months ago too.

I am not currently earning but I will be earning soon.

However, I can introduce you to the people who are earning good money in network
marketing business.

This is how you can handle this objection if you are new in the business.

  • Second situation: For a distributor who has been in the business for sometime

If you joined the network marketing business a few months ago and you are not making
enough money, there can be few reasons behind this;

Maybe you have not given enough time to your network marketing business,

Maybe you haven’t learnt this business properly till now,

Maybe you are a slow learner,

Maybe you are not having a big circle,

Maybe you are lacking prospecting skills, whatever the reason is, be honest to your prospect.

In my opinion, you need to tell the truth whatever you are earning Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 10,000 in the beginning. Don’t lie. Tell your prospect why you are not earning.

If others are earning in your company and you are not earning, there must be something wrong with you.

So this is high time you need to know where you are lacking so that you can work on it.

So if you are a new distributor use the first solution and if you have spent some time in this
business then use the second solution discussed above.


Network marketing business is the answer to the prayers of many people in the world who are
willing to pay the price for their dreams.

It’s just a few people prejudge the possibilities of network marketing business and later regret
due to lack of options in life.

So, above-suggested solutions are best to use as per my personal experience in network
marketing business.

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